Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last race of the year and did not know what to expect from my waning fitness and a new course that no one knew and I didn't get a chance to pre-ride on Sat. Lucky for me the weather wouldn't be a factor as it had been warm with spring like temps all week with race morning cool and foggy.
This week I had cameras mounted on the front and back and was able to get good footage that I could combine for a nice video, the video is here
Now for the race, I had no expectations on my finish just wanted to enjoy myself and attack the course which I thought was the best of the year, I really liked the steps and the downhill leading to the run up the steep bank. Not going into a lot of detail I started off slowly and moved into 4th place on the 2nd lap with Lamar and Torre hot on my wheel, I bridged up to Dan and Gerard and for a while we rode together but they eventually pulled away and I began to think that I would be happy just to finish on the podium and was checking back to see where Torre was, going up the first set of steps was a good place to see if I was loosing or gaining ground and for 2-3 laps the gaps stayed the same but I was putting out near max effort and didn't know how long that could last, finally I saw a little more breathing room and realized that 3rd was in the bag, whew it was hard well earned podium.
I got what I think is the best race photo in several years taken by Trish so I had to buy it thanks.


dynamicduo said...

hey mosvich, we will try to post some pictures asap. And we will are working on creating a "traveling to Europe do's and don't s that we will post when we get home.

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