Monday, November 12, 2007

Consistency in the Women's 1/2/3

The course was run differently than the last few years. The dirt road was gone. We started on the road and turn right to a grassy area with 2 180 degree turns. A quick jaunt back on the road and then a right turn onto more grass. The first set of barriers was on a fast, flat section. I love being able to come into barriers at speed. The downhill was next to a gravel road climb and some pavement. The entrance to the sand was tricky with an off camber section. Part of the sandy beach was ridable, but most people ran it as it took more energy to ride than run. Cereal Bowl hill was next. This year they had us go up several 180 degree turns before hitting the steep top.

I got a good start, right behind Holly, Ellen, Kim, and Kristin, but they soon rode away. I settled in to ride my own race. I did not have my nutrition right this morning and started to get the shakes half way into the first lap. Thankfully, I'd remembered a Gu and had a friend feeding me. I felt much better after the gel. I pushed myself on the sandy beach and Cereal Bowl hill. I ran both of them each lap, which I was happy with. I rode as hard was I could the entire race and was very consistent, which is what I’ve struggled with since getting sick over three weeks ago. At the end, I saw Kristin about the lap me as she was coming down the road. I dug deeply into my last reserves, sped up, and was able to hold her off. I think I’m finally getting back on track.

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