Monday, November 5, 2007

Criswell Park Race #3

This was a fast technical course with no area to rest, the first lap went real well as I started off slowly and gradually made my way to the front 3 and into 2nd position. Shortly afterwards my chain started coming off my 42 single ring setup and onto the chain guard and spin like a transmission slipping. I once reached down while on a fast pavement section and with my finger put it back on the chainring, Dan was on me at this point watchng my mechanical expertise while racing. So, after this happened a couple more times with me having to stop to replace it and then getting the course marking tape wrapped into my handlebar and causing a fall I slipped back out of contention and just rode the last lap for video shots.
Even though I was not on the podium this week it was still a blast! The course was set up well and really suited me as I seem to be better in the corners.
Here is a video of the first lap on you tube

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