Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trish on the ditch dismount

Sorella volunteers were out in force cheering on the riders. Paula and her K9 companion Madison.

Sunday's course in Monroe was a lot of fun, very roadie with a two technical sections thrown in for the mountain bikers. The start was on a paved road that led to the Monroe Gravel Road that is used every year. After a jaunt through a field, the first set of barriers was on a slight uphill, straight approach. The next section was very fast into the first technical section, several sharp turns through the pine straw. The double ditch jump was back; most chose to dismount over it. Another fast section with some pavement and grass followed into the second set of barriers. The second twisty section was next to a paved downhill, a sharp left hand turn, a little pavement, and a 180 around a steep hill. Ten Women 1/2/3 lined up, which was our largest field of the year so far. I knew that I was not going to do well because of all of the fast ladies on the line. I simply am not as fast as everyone else.

At the start, I stayed at my own pace and was already off the back. By the gravel road, I'd caught back up to Susie, Theresa, and another rider. I was with them through most of the first lap. I'd gain a little on them through the barriers, and they would gain time on the other sections. By the start of the second lap, I had to back off or risk a breathing attack, and they rode away from me. I was still a bit ahead of Kari; having her back there made me push myself harder than I would have otherwise. I could hear her cheers for the other women throughout the race. I was breathing too hard to respond. The third and fourth laps I held my position and worked on keeping my pace hard but consistent. I was happy to not be getting nauseated and not coughing the entire race as I've been sick the last two races. I picked up my speed on the e5th lap because Kari was getting closer. I came within a few seconds of catching the rider in front of me. If I'd had just a little more reserves in the tank, I might have been able to do it. I felt good about my race. I was very consistent, which I haven't been since Cincinnati.

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