Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cross Season Goals

At the beginning of the year, my goals for the season were to not race with a broken bone, not to have to have surgery right before the season, not to race the entire season sick, and to have fun. The last several CX seasons have been hard on me between racing the first 4 races in 2006 with a broken hand and being sick for the entire 2005 season, which ultimately resulted in 2 surgeries. Unfortunately, I've already missed my goals with having to go under the knife a few weeks ago when I found out that I had early stage cervical cancer. Now, I want to come back as strongly as I can the second half of the season and not be last in at least one race in Georgia. A Top 30 at the National Championships in Women's B and a Top 20 in Master Women 30-34 would be nice, too.

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