Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update on Jay's Crash

From his email to me...

I am doing fine thanks to the help of Shey and Kari. I guess I landed on a sharp rock or something. I am not exactly sure. I crashed in front of Nate as we were transitioning from the road back to the trail at the sharp right hand turn. I had noticed gravel on the road and thought I made a mental note of it. Apparantly not.

Nate was a really good sport. He stopped short of me sprawled across the ground and yelled at me to get up and rejoin him. He hesitated, waiting for me, as I tried to unclip my foot that was still attached to the pedal after I crashed. I finally got my foot loose, picked up my bike, and then started to chase. Immediately, I heard the sound of my derailleur hanger sitting in my spokes. I jumped back off, bent it back, remounted, and started to chase again. At that point I knew I had a problem.

My glove was already significantly soaked with blood. My handlebar tape was covered and it had already started to drip over my bike and shoes. Having my heart rate pegged did not help matters. I was still in the mindset of winning this thing and was honestly trying to do the math of heart rate needed minus blood rate lost times laps left to go. In the end, I realized the equation was not working out my way and I needed to pull out. I eased up and rode tempo back to the start.

I jumped off my bike, lay down on my back, and started compression on my arm.
Kari and Shey helped me clean up and wrap the wound. I spent 5 hours at the ER, got an updated tetanus shot, and had my arm stitched up. My road rash is not too bad.
I was a little sore throughout the night, but what night after a cross race am I not?
I plan to ride tonight on the trainer and see how it goes.

I should be at Monroe.

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