Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Need to Stop

Shey and company laid out a very nice course today. It had a little bit of everything that makes Cyclocross fun, including the famous Conyers run up on the back side of the course. I’ve had 3 good races so far this season. It was time for a bad one. I had a decent warm up and really liked the course when I prerode.

I got a good start and was 3rd or 4th going over the first set of barriers. I had 4th-6th position through most of the first lap. I felt really good and was flying along the course. By the second lap, I’d settled into my race rhythm and was just behind Alison, Theresa, and a new rider. I was able to make up a little time in the woods and nearly caught them coming into the third lap. Unfortunately, after the first barrier set, I got really sick. I think it was from something I ate earlier in the morning. I barely made it up the run up. The nausea was too much, and I had to stop in the woods to relieve it. I still felt sick, and my legs were dead. I sat up but managed to hold off the two riders behind me until the last two laps. I barely finished in one piece. I sat down for over 15 minutes afterwards before I could get up. Maybe next weekend will be better.

Bob Kuhn in the Masters 35+ race.

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