Sunday, October 21, 2007

Masters 35+

Bob Kuhn, HUP United
What a splendid day for any kind of outdoor activity. It was a chilly 50 degrees during warm up but at race start it was well into the 60s. The course was laid out very nicely. Gone was the large loop around the parade grounds but instead the race stayed close to the spectator area. There were 2 wooden forced dismounts and 1 sandy forced dismount up a hill. Other than that, a slight hill after the run-up was very hard for me each lap. I tried to get the start off fast and soon Nate had taken the lead and I decided to try and follow. After a brief gap on the first lap, Jay Wansley joined us and soon both of them had gapped me on the little hill. It was only a 7-10 second gap but that is where they rode the rest of the race, finally figuring out that it was better to work together than battle. Coming into the last 180 degree grass turn, they sat up just a bit and looked over their shoulder. I was charging hard so they did not screw around and got right into the sprint. It was a great place for a sprint, short grass made it a fast run in and it was dead flat with folks cheering. From the back it was hard to tell who won but in the end it was Nate who won it and took over the coveted series leader jersey. With Brady also riding strong and Gerard probably riding the 35+ in the future, it is going to be a very tough series this year!

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