Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first ride back in hell....

Man, it's been a while since you've been here. Are you ready? These guys are going to whoop your can.. No, you can do this, stay focused and you'll be fine.. Okay, we're off. Manage your heart rate, don't be stupid. Okay you idiot, you're already at 90%, back off. They're leaving you pick it up! You are so toasted, your gonna get killed by these guys.. Stay calm it's okay, just focus. Focus.. 102%!! You idiot, you've gone too deep, you're gonna blow! Calm down, pace your self, you're doing good, it's your first race back, your doing good. Wow, you did it, you finished and you didn't get lapped! Good job! You suck!

Robert Woldring and I were riding back home Sunday and were talking about our worst enemy when we're in the race.. our minds.. It's funny, I thought I was the only one that talked to myself, but as it seems, I'm not the only one who faces the demons of the mind.

My goal for my first race back after missing almost two seasons, or at least being very limited, was to not get lapped and have a top 20 finish. I succeeded in both, and am there for happy with my return to "hell". See you guys in Macon..

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minor2nd said...

Good write up! Keep it up and we'll see you in Macon.