Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Masters 45+ Goals

This year is my first racing in the Masters 45+ category. I have raced the C/Cx4 category the past couple of years and though I wasn't burning up the competition in CX4 I decided this year I wanted to try the longer races. Some things I wanted to improve this year in my CX season:

- Endurance for the longer races, the jump up in category is a 50% longer race. I was usually able to finish strong last year but knew that would be tough this year.

- Work on eliminating my double hop on re-mounts; my dismount/re-mount technique has been improving a bit each year and I want to continue that by getting rid of the momentum killing extra hop.

- Turn a bigger gear; this is another way of saying "go faster". I tend to be someone who spins rather than mashes a bigger gear. I think this tendancy causes me to bail to a lower gear and spin in instances when I would be faster staying in a bigger gear, so I have been working on this in training and hope to see some increases in leg strength and more importantly speed.

- At least one top 5 finish for the season. I figure the main players will be the same this years as in years past in the Masters 45+. I don't think I am going to be dueling with the GTC trifecta of Dan, Gerard, and Torre; throw in Lamar, Jim and the other usual suspects and I'm not sure how realistic this goal is but I'm gonna try!

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