Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Sick in Women's 1/2/3

"Think there is a coffee shop anywhere around here?"

The course is one of my favorites despite a fair amount of climbing. The start/finish is on uphill pavement. The first turn is left down the paved hill to a twisty section in dirt and grass. A short jaunt down the pavement leads to uphill dirt and then around the mini-golf course. The next few turns are very loose, and they come out on a gravel road. The famous "Beach Run" is next. It is difficult to ride because of the depth of the sand and squirrely lines that get formed during the race. After passing the bathhouse, the barriers await after a right hand turn. The gravel uphill leads back to the start/finish.

I have been very sick all week and was out of work and in bed with a fever for 3 days. I only got back on the bike on Saturday, and it was a very slow, pitiful ride. I knew today's race was not going to be fast for me. I got a poor start and was nearly last off the starting line. My least favorite kind of start--uphill pavement. I caught back on going down the hill and stayed in the mix until the beach. Teresa ran away, literally, from me and Alison. I'd later learn she spent 6 years living at and running on the beach. Experience counts. After the barreirs, I had a VCD (breathing) attack and had to sit up to recover. I watched Teresa and Alison ride away frmo me up the hill. At this point, I settled in to ride my own race. I kept it steady and rode as hard as I could while coughing up my sick lungs and trying to breathe. DFL once again. Hopefully, I will not be sick for Monroe. I've been very disappointed with my last two races. Then again, what can you do when you are sick but try your best?

The barriers were bigger than some of the Juniors.

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